Why You would want a Comparable Market Analysis from a Realtor

Making the most of the "social distancing" requirements proves to be an opportunity for additional education. And, once we can all come out of our quarantine - and depending on the length of time that happens to be - we can expect a very different real estate market - at least for some time. So, the question becomes how to navigate through that market and how to price homes correctly.

This past weekend, I completed the PSA, Pricing Strategy Advisor course to better prepare me to help my clients with home pricing. We'll be as prepared as we can be as we move forward. If you are looking to sell your home or buy a home, please give us a call.

What other reasons might you want a Comparable Market Analysis?

  • An opinion of value or price is prepared other than in pursuit of a listing or to assist you as a buyer in formulating a purchase offer.
  • The sellers are getting a divorce, and it is amicable (so far). One party wants to buy the other one out, so they need a price for the house.
  • The property is an estate, and the family might keep it—they want a price.
  • A consumer is questioning the assessed value on his home, used to calculate property taxes. In his location, assessed value is supposed to be the market value of the property, so he wants a price.